Ventilated facades


Metal roofing

Since 1965 our company works in the sector of civil, industrial and tertiary metallic building with high quality and credibility acquired during the time.

Metal roofing

Hedar is specialized in the personalized planning of civil and industrial metallic covering, covering and metallic ventilated roof, ventilated facades, metallic wall cladding, composite decking, corrugated sheets for concrete, corrugated sheets for covering and wall, corrugated sheets, panels and metallic sheets for covering and wall of different typologies using several materials such as: aluminum, steel, copper, stainless steel, titanium, titanium zinc, etc…

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Metal construction
  • Copertura TIFS Enginering new office – Padova (PD)
  • Copertura Multifunction Gym – Iseo (BS)
  • Copertura Industrial building – Livorno Ferraris (VC)
  • Copertura Office building – Milano
  • Copertura Church  - Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
  • Copertura Logistic center meats  Ipercoop  - Pontedera (PI)
  • Copertura Sport hall – Messina (ME)
  • Copertura Hotel Madrid (Spain)
  • Copertura Gym
  • Copertura Industrial building – Montichiari (Bs)
  • Copertura Bio-science  Institute  - Milano
  • Copertura Nursing home – Pavia (PV)
  • Copertura Borg Al-Fateh Hotel – Sudan
  • Copertura Production activities center - Torino
  • Copertura Assago 2000 Business centre – Assago (MI)
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Events and exhibitions

Costruzioni Metalliche
Ventilated facades


Participation to the MADEXPO MILANO 2009
Ventilated facades


Participation to the MADEXPO MILANO 2008


Lamiere grecate
Corrugated sheets

Formula Excellence

The book shows realization “Il Podio”, new Ferrari company restaurant in Maranello